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Stainless Steel Dimple Jacketed Conical Fermenters


We can provide the fermenter with or without jacket, the min capacity is 30L. Customized is available.
A conical fermenter allows for the fermentating and the aging/storing of the brewing process to occur in the same vessel. The cone bottom collects the sediment which is then easily removed by slowly opening a bottom valve until the liquid runs clear, leaving the beer to age. For this reason they are often referred to as "Uni-Tanks" as opposed to their flat-bottom counterparts that require transferring beer to a secondary conditioning tank to separate the sediment.

Modern commercial conical fermenters have the advantage of being made from stainless steel which can be reused indefinitely, is impregnable to odors and discoloration, and can be sanitized easily. Most jacketed fermenters sit atop legs and thus allow siphoning to occur through gravity. Additionally, yeast can be drawn off at any point during fermenting, to be washed and reused again. These features yield considerable cost and time savings for commercial breweries, as well as faster turn-over rates for batches. Glycol-jacketed fermenters have the added benefit of an efficient cooling system built right into the tank.

  • All AISI-304 Stainless Steel Construction

  • Jacketed & Insulated

  • Dual Zone Dimple Cooling Jacket

  • Dish Top & 60掳 Conical Bottom

  • 4 Stainless Steel Legs with Leveling Ports

  • Top Manway or Side Shadow less Manway

  • Racking Port with Tri-Clover Butterfly Valve

  • Discharge Port with Tri-Clover Butterfly Valve

  • 2 Tri-Clover Outlets with Butterfly Valves

  • CIP Arm and Spray Ball

  • Sample Valve

  • Pressure Gauge

  • Safety Valve

  • Thermowell with Tank Thermometer

  • Working Capacity: 30 Barrels (930 Gallon) for example

  • Inner Diameter: 1500 mm (59.1")

  • PU Insulation: 75 mm (3")

  • Outside Diameter: 1650 mm (65")

  • Cylindrical Height: 1500 mm (59.1")

  • Total Height: 3643 mm (143.4")

  • Dimension: L x W x H 1650 x 1650 x 3643 mm (65" x 65" x 139.25")

  • Thickness: Inner Shell: 3 mm, Dimple Jacket: 1.5 mm Cladding: 1.5 mm

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