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Stainless Steel Jacketed Glycol Fermenter


Shuangzhan machinery only use high quality 2B stainless steel plate to make equipment, when we say our tank is 3mm wall thick interior shell, then it is 3mm, not like some other poor quality factory only use 2mm plate even they say it is 3mm.  All of vessels are pickled and passivated inside after polish. 

Modern commercial conical fermenters have the advantage of being made from stainless steel which can be reused indefinitely, is impregnable to odors and discoloration, and can be sanitized easily. Most jacketed fermenters sit atop legs and thus allow siphoning to occur through gravity. Additionally, yeast can be drawn off at any point during fermenting, to be washed and reused again. These features yield considerable cost and time savings for commercial breweries, as well as faster turn-over rates for batches. Glycol-jacketed.

Technical Characteristics:

  • All AISI-304 Stainless Steel Construction

  • Jacketed & Insulated

  • Dual Zone Dimple Cooling Jacket

  • Dish Top & 60° Conical Bottom or 70 angel, an average of 25% head space

  • 4 Stainless Steel Legs with Leveling Ports

Fermenter Includes:

  • Top Manway or Side Shadow less Manway

  • Rotating racking Port with Tri-Clover Butterfly Valve

  • Discharge Port with Tri-Clover Butterfly Valve

  • 2 Tri-Clover Outlets with Butterfly Valves

  • CIP Arm and Spray Ball

  • Sample Valve

  • Pressure Gauge

  • Safety Valve

  • Thermowell with Tank Thermometer

  • Carbonation stone

  • Spunding valve

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Shuangzhan machinery is a upgrade factory which focus on stainless steel products. 

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