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Where to Buy Multi-Solvent Extraction System

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Where to Buy Multi-Solvent Extraction System

Hemp Extraction,Cannabis distillation equipment,cannabis extraction

Closed Loop Extractor

A “closed loop” extractor is an extraction method wherein the entire process occurs within a closed vessel. in this process, the hydrocarbon solvent used to extract never comes in contact with the outside atmosphere. The solvent is recycled or looped repeatedly through the system in order to extract as much cannabinoid as possible. Closed loop extraction is extremely efficient, and, when operated properly, is exceptionally safe. Because this process is very efficient, less solvent is used, and a higher greater percentage of desired chemical compounds are separated for further refinement.

Multi-Solvent Extraction System-Shuangzhan machinery manufactures hemp extractor (butane and propane), customized design is available.


  • made out of food grade stainless steel 304

  • USA standard material and tubing dimensions

  • compatible international tri clamp dimensions standard with inch or mm

  • the real sanitary grade finish

  • customized accept

  • one-stop service and products from advanced consulting to after service

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