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stainless steel brewing systems


Shuangzhan machinery supply a complete brewery system, including grain mill, brewhouse, fermenter, brite tank, mash/lauter tun, brew kettle,whirlpool tank, hot water tank, glycol system, accessories etc


Shuangzhan machinery supply all kinds of sanitary stainless steel valves and fittings  with tri clamp, welded, threaded ends in the Bakery, Beverage, Brewery, Chemical Processing, Cosmetic Dairy Processing, Food Process, Water Filtration and Winery Stainless Steel Process Industries. 


Shuangzhan machinery supply stainless steel and WCB ball valves, gate valves, globle valves, chek valves and Y strainers
Shuangzhan machinery offers standard and customized stainless steel
valves and fittings to meet an extensive list of industries
(breweries, cider, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, etc).
Shuangzhan machinery have a wide range of applications, including Dairy, Biopharma, beverage, etc. Another part of our factory is the artificial workshop, including welding, polishing, QC and packaging teams, so we can make customizedparts.


Shuangzhan machinery provides a complete line of products for the dairy industry, from milk processing to cheese, yogurt, butter, cream, ice cream, condensed milk, milk powder and whey. All of valves and fittings material is SUS316 or SUS316L, SS304 is available as well. Viton, EPDM, Silicon, Buna, PTFE seals are also carried by NEW TEK.


Shuangzhan machinery offers quality sanitary stainless steel valves and adapter with tri clamp, welded and threaded ends for brewery, winery, distillery, soft drink, fruit and vegetable juice factory. Hygienic strainer, heat exchanger, cip, custom fabrication, pump assist you to upgrade your process.



Shuangzhan machinery has wide market of pharma and biology in China, we provide real hygienic stainless steel SS316,SS316L valves and fittings for food processing and pharmaceutical plant. So we have enough experience to listen to your needs and provide reasonable solutions. Electric polish parts are available.


A middle brew pub in Wenzhou, owed by a craft beer big fan.
Homebrew is popular in China now.
These fermenters are top open type.


Hebei Jixiang Pharmaceuticals Company,
we supplied concentrator, mixing tank, storage tank, pipe fittings and installation
service. We are professional in design and manufacture.
Stainless Steel Funnel Hopper Dimensions Table
November 27, 2019

Hopper is a container for a bulk material such as grain, rock, or trash, typically one that tapers downward andis able to discharge its contents at the bottom.

stainless steel clamp hopper (4).jpg
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ISO-KF Vacuum Flange ComponentsOur ISO-KF vacuum flange fitting and component system is a modular, building block method for creating 0.75 to 4 inch vacuum piping systems. Series 31 ISO-KF vacuum fittings provide several advantages. They use standardized dimensions allowing ISO KF elbows, tees, cros

Sanitary Tri Clamp Dimensions Guide
May 29, 2019

Stainless steel tri-clamp fittings are the most popular style of process line equipment used within the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. Quickly create a leak-proof connection allowing easy assembly or disassembly for routine maintenance and inspection.

Guide of Sanitary Valves
April 29, 2019

Guide of Sanitary Valves Sanitary valves are widely used in our daily life, we can see them everywhere. There are many different types of sanitary valves used in different fields. Today, this article will give you a brief introduction of sanitary valves, what’s more, we will inform you of different kinds of sanitary valves.

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Shuangzhan machinery is a upgrade factory which focus on stainless steel products. 

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