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  • Hose Assembly
    A complete hose assembly includes the hose, fittings, and a way to attach the fittings to the hose. Shuangzhan machinery mainly provide rubber hose assembly, high pressure hose assembly and sanitary hose assembly and bellow which used biotech, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. We stock food grade hose in a variety of materials and sanitary end connectors. Material including silicon, ptfe, epdm, buna-n and stainless steel etc
  • Advantage of Hose Adatpers
    1.Flexibility in connection Configuration, such as tri clamp, welding, flange, I-line, din11851, threaded etc
    2. A variety of tubing size from 1/2" to 10" , customized is available
    3. The real food grade finish hose adapter,Won't fall off, no leaking, smooth
    4. Every adatper with heating number, material testing report provided, easily for user to find correct spare parts
  • Advantage of Hose
    1. It can carry severe vibration
    2. No shape changing, no spilt, no leaking
    3.The hose Can be cleaned with acid and alkali or high temperature water
    4. no smell, no leaking
    5. metal hoses are made of brand new raw material, not rubbish secondary.

What Make a Complete Hose Assembly

Shuangzhan machinery not only provide complete hose assembly, but also hose shank. There are tri clamp , din11851 fittings, flanges, 150lb pipe fittings and camlock conections available. How to install a hose assembly? 

All of the connections i mentioned above are easy for user to install, such as tri clamp ends,  Tri-Clamp Fittings comprise of a series of pipes and unisex joints, which are available welded or as separate elements. you only need a compatible clamp and gasket, then put the gasket between joints (one in the hose, another on the equipment) and the union is completed with a clamp* to create a leak-tight seal. DIN11851 fittings are popuar in Europe, we can make the hose with male or liner with nut, then add a O-ring in the middle to get a leak-off union. Flanged, camlock and 150lb threaded fitting are also common conection stype, and all easy to operate.

Featured Hose Assembly

All of material of hose and connector we used are great functional:

 Silicon/epdm etc which suitable for wine and spirits. Chemical, oil, abrasion resistant, non-marking and easy to clean cover

Stainless steel metal hose:corrugated , clean raw material, pressure testing individual

 Connecters: all of them made by CNC machinery with nice looking finish, MTR is available

Sanitary Hose Assemblies
Food Grade Brewery and Winery hose assemblies meet all government and industry sanitary requirements. All of our couplings are full flow, and designed to withstand the demanding applications in the exacting cleaning cycles required in beer & wine processing systems. Shuangzhan machinery offer sanitary hose in a variety of materials and sanitary end connectors. We provide customized service to meet the needs of the smallest craft breweries to the largest wineries.
Stainless Steel Metal Hose Assembly
Metal hoses can be braided or not, the naked type we call bellow usually, a variety of connection type provided, including quick clamp sanitary fitings, vacuum quick-clamp, male threaded, female threaded, welded, flanged, cam and groove. Shuangzhan can provide Extreme-Temperature Air and Steam Hose, high pressure chemical hose,water hose, high pressure braided coolant hose and high-vaccum bellow hose.

Advantages of New Tek Hose Assembly


Save time and cost


When application temperature extreme, chemical compatibility etc you need a metal hose assembly


Flexibility in connection configuration or say weldless, We can use flange, cam and groove, tri clamp and threaded connected to creat a quick connect and disconnect assembly.

Applicated Widely

Fire, chemical, bio-tech, brewery, winery, distillery etc

Permeation Concerns

Stainless steel hose does not allow permeation when properly fabricated. 

Applications of Hose Assembly

Food grade hose for milk pump


Beer hose with din or tri clamp ends which used in fermenter to transfer beer, cleaning tank and floor

Flanged braided hose used at the liquid tank as a flexible and durable connection

New Tek Hose Assembly Solution

Please provide these below to get a quick quote on the hose you need.We provide MTR and pressure testing report.

What diameter and how long
(end of fitting to end of fitting)?
What is the process and the cleaning temperature?
Where is the hose being used?
Fluid processed 
what kind of liquid, gas or solid?

What PSI or Mpa is the media being conveyed at?
Will the sanitary hose be steamed or autoclaved?
Connection type
Coupling, tri clamp, flanged etc?
How flexible does the rubber or metal hose need to be? 

Different industry using different hose, such as beer transfer, distillery, winery and rubber food &beverage hose.you should consider Chemical, oil, abrasion resistant, non-marking and easy to clean cover, Reinforcement and temperautre, fluid media, is it liquid or dry material 
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About NewTek Hose Assembly Supplier

 Shuangzhan machinery supplies products and service to the hygienic process industry including sanitary process components, custom fabrication .

 Our markets includes dairy, food, brewery, winery, distillery, beverage, biotech, pharmaceutical and other high purity industries.

 Our complete CNC machines workshop, welding and polishing workshop, Packing, QC and technicians team, sales team can provide fast, continuous, safety and easy service

Hose Assembly Projects

Projects 1
Lazy dog brewery , we provide brew hose, valves and fittings. all of them tri clamp connection
Projects 2
pharmaceutical factory in Suzhou, China, we provide all of hose assembly after visit our factory and testing our products a lot. The hose including for gas, oil, high pressure type, vacuum, flanged etc.

Weekly Hose Assembly

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Different types of sanitary strainer?

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01 November 2019
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