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Stainless Steel Funnel Hopper Dimensions Table

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Stainless Steel Funnel Hopper Dimensions Table

stainless steel hoppers & cones

Hopper is a container for a bulk material such as grain, rock, or trash, typically one that tapers downward andis able to discharge its contents at the bottom. The hopper holds materials until they are ready to be distributed into the production process. Hoppers are often fitted to other equipment, such as fillers, feeders, and weigh scales. Plastic, stainless steel, aluminum material hoppers are very common, here Shuangzhan machinery (newtek) introduces stainless steel.

newtek design and manufacture stainless hopper in food grade and industrail grade with ss304 or ss316L.

  • polish inside and outside or not

  • with or without lid

  • handles on body or lid is optional

  • jacketed, non-jacketed, with sight glass upon your request

  • clamp,welded, threaded connection

  • cone type or cone with cylinder type

  • 1mm wall thick often, but 1.5mm, 2mm is available

What information you should provide when you enquiry?

  • diameter of biggest mouth

  • total height

  • connection type

  • with or without lid

  • thickness

I collected some regular stainless steel hopper dimensions for reference.

clamp hopper stainless steel

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