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Stainless Camlock Adapters with Safety Drill

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Stainless Camlock Adapters with Safety Drill

Stainless steel camlock coupling

Shuangzhan machinery provides quality cam and groove hose fittings with safety drill. The complete system including type A/B/C/D/E/F/DC/DP, we also offer the camlock adapter with flange and tri clamp end. Customized is available, such as male to male camlock, square flange x male plug etc.

What is Cam & Groove Fittings

Cam & Groove fittings are also called camlock hose fittings,These are quick connect or disconnect couplings to increase operator productivity. This cam lock adapters commonly used in various industries as a hose connection to prevent leakages.  These connections guarantee tight and secure bonds because of the way that the cams lockinto place. To couple, slide the male adapter into the female coupler and clamp the levers down with normal hand pressure. Uncoupling is just the reverse - lift the cam levers and remove the adapter. 

Features of Shuangzhan machinery's camlock adapter

Easy coupling action, minimal effort at the ends of the cam arms close adaptor and coupler. 

Higher safety provided with safety drill arms, strong arms.

High quality and variety option gasket materials, the common type is buna , we marked numbers on all gaskets, so that you can find the spare parts easily. We also do viton, epdm and silicon gasket for special requested. 

Stainless steel pins will not rust or bind

High quality investment cast stainless steel 304 or 316L material. 

Hydrostatically Tested. 

Interchangeability with other couplers made to the same specification, meet international standard.  

How to know the type of your Cam and Groove Hose Fitting?

There is printted words often on the adapter, such as 304, 1/2", A. Here i listed some features of each camlock adapter.

Type A: male plug camlock x female threaded

Type B: female socket camlock x male threaded

Type C: female socket camlock x hose shank

Type D: female socket camlock x female threaded

Type E: male plug camlock x male threaded

Type F: male plug camlock x hose shank

Type DC: dust cap, a socket  cap

Type DP: dust plug

Type double A: male plug x male plug

Below are some photos of our products

camandgroove (8)camandgroovefitting (21)

camandgroovefitting (28)camandgroovefitting (5)

camandgroovefitting (18)camandgroove (4)

camandgroovefitting (9)camlockadapter (7)

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