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How much does a micro brewery system cost?

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How much does a micro brewery system cost?

NEW TEK INDUSTRY(shuangzhan machinery) provides microbrewery equipment with high quality, not only single tanks, such as conical fermenter, brite tank, brewhouse, cip cleaning, hot water tank, glycol tank, malt mill etc, but also provide craft beer system, nano brewery. We do turn-key service. All design tanks are popular type. You can see we also make valves and accessories for brewery, distillery, dairy etc, we have our own CNC machine.

A whole brewery system not includes filling and packing machine, such as 2bbl is US$32000, FOB shanghai, 6 pcs fermenter tank.

What including:

Malt mill, brewhouse, hot water system, fermentation system, cooling system, cip system, steam boiler, control system, pump, valves and tubing system.

A brewhouse inluding mash lauter tun, whirlpool tank, pump, heat exchanger, tubing system, working platform.

Customized is available.

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