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10LB Bidirectional Closed Loop Extractor with Coill Chiller

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10LB Bidirectional Closed Loop Extractor with Coill Chiller

This system is a rack-mounted closed loop extractor that is specifically built to be run actively. It uses a modular material column, allowing users to choose a 2 -10lb capacity. The picture is spool type, this system also allows full dewaxing inline by utilizing a secondary chamber to chill solvent by using dry ice in the sleeved column. Once the solvent is chilled, unwanted fats and waxes are filtered from the extracted oils. The collection base and recovery tank  is fully jacketed. The picture don't show chiller.

Closed Loop Extractor Features:

Movable rack mounting constructed by stainless steel

Bi-Directional solvent flow 

Jacketed collection base

Two material column, jacketed or dewaxing is available

3/8" pipeline

High-Pressure Clamps

Stainless steel recovery tank-100LB or other capacity


Closed Loop Extractor Option: 

Injection coil to utilize solvent evaporative cooling for efficient dewaxing

Dewaxing or fully jacketed

Dry filter

Chiller chamber

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