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Fermenter Air Release/Vacuum Valve

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Fermenter Air Release/Vacuum Valve


A fermenter can without spunding valve, but impossible without a breather (pressure relief valve) , Pressure relief valves, as the name suggests, to release interior vessel pressure when it rises above the setted pressure (fermenter often 14.7 or 15 PSI). A pressure vacuum valve prevents the interior pressure from going below -1 or -1.5 PSI and thus protecting the tank imploding. Vacuum may happen during a quick cool down, such as after a cleaning process, or when draining quickly. For protection of tanks against over-pressure or vacuum. 

NEW TEK makes quality tri clamp air pressure relief valve at 1" and 2" tri clamp end, flange/weld/male threaded end are available, most of factories only use weak spring and thin ptfe o ring to set and adjust pressure, but the valve's service time is very short, there are someone even use stainless 201 grade spring. Newtekindustry use different springs for different pressure, such as you need 15-17psi pressure, we use this pressure spring, no use ptfe o ring, material certificate is available. 

  • Vacuum fixed at -1-1.5 PSI

  • Stainless Steel SS304

  • Fixed at 15-17 PSI, max pressure is 3bar

  • 1.5 " /2"/ 1" Tri Clamp fitting

  • All Springs SS304

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