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What is the Valve Actuator

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What is the Valve Actuator

Air actuated ball valve, butterfly valve, flow control valve.

A valve actuator is a mechanical device that operate a valve with a power source. This power source includes electriccity , compressed air and hydraulic (oil). Rotary and linear are two main types of actuators. Shuangzhan machinery (newtek) can help you select the best actuator for your application. All valve configurators allow the quick and easy comparison of all applicable actuators.

How to select a correct actuator?

  • Valve type: ball/gate/control/diaphragm etc

  • Power sources available: electricity/air/oil etc

  • Environment of installation: chemical/sanitary/food/beverage etc

Functions and characteristics

  • need for fail safe

  • cycle life

  • duty cycle

  • speed of actuation

  • need for manual override

Addtional accessories for a actuated valve

  • solenoid valve

  • air filter

  • limit switch/positioner (common or ex type)

  • supportor

Rotary actuators

Rotary valve actuators produce the rotational motion needed to operate roatary valves such as ball, plug, and butterfly valves. Rotary actuators are available in many different styles, each with its own benefits.

Linear Valve Actuators

due to their distictly different operation, Linear valves such as globe, gate, and pinch valves require actuators that are drastically different from the rotary type. 

Valve Actuator Power Sources

Both linear and rotary style actuators are available with the various power sources : pneumatic, hydraulic, and electric. In addition to these, there are also several distinct types of manual operators. There are solenoid and motor drive by electricity.

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