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Home Brew and Commercial Brewery Tri Clamp Dry Hopper

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Home Brew and Commercial Brewery Tri Clamp Dry Hopper

Tri Clamp hop dropper

Oxygen is the enemy of your beer's fresh flavors and hop character. If you want to maintain your beer's hop character longer and keep the hop flavor and aroma brighter, then you must eliminate the oxygen. Our dry hopper or "hop doser" solves the problem of introducing oxygen during dry hopping by allowing you to purge the air out of your hops before dropping them into your fermenter.

Commercial type:

  1. Capacity is 5-15Liters

  2. Assembly with gauge, valve or sight glass

  3. food grade finish


2. Home brew type.

There are 3 main parts-valve, sight glass and covert lid. There are two types of covert lid: one gas post, one liquid post and PRV. or gas post and PRV.


  • 3" sight glass and valve

  • 3" lid

  • 3" clamp and seals


hop dropper (3)

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