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What is DIN11851 Hygienic Union?

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What is DIN11851 Hygienic Union?

Sanitary din11851 pipe fittings (This article only focus on unions, but you can refer the welding end diameter for ferrules, elbows etc. )

The DIN 11851 union is widely used throughout Europe and incorporates a round slotted nut and a flush fitting lipped seal, as standard. DIN11851 is divided into imperial and metric type. There are two styles of metric which different from welding ends diameter, the smaller one is common use. You can find more information from the below drawings. Althrough their diameter are different, but all of them use the same threads and same nut whatever imperial or metric.

Shuangzhan machinery provide din11851 fittings, incluining ferrules, union parts, elbows, tee with food grade or phramacy finish.

Complete parts:

  1. round or hexagon blank nut with chain, seal disc

  2. round or hexagon nut

  3. welding liner-conical type

  4. welding male

  5. end cap

  6. expanding male and liner

  7. seals

Size Ranges:

imperial: 1/2”to 4”
metric: DN10-DN150


nut: SS304

male and liner: SS304, SS316L


Related standards

DIN 11850
DIN11853-1 form A
DIN 11864-1
DIN 11864-2


Related products:

sanitary butterfly valves, ball valves, pressure relief valves, check valves, strainers, tubes, bends, tees, crosses, reducers, spunding valves etc.

all of elbows, tees, crosses, reducers, manifolds and hose barbs etc can be fabricated with din11851 parts.


food industry, sanitary and dairy, phramacy etc.

Data sheet

This article only focus on unions, but you can refer the welding end diameter for ferrules, elbows etc. 



2. DIN 11851 METRIC-common type


3. More dimension options.


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