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What should you know before you choose a correct pump?

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What should you know before you choose a correct pump?

Inline Mixer Emulsifier Homogenizing Pump

Shuangzhan machinery (SSWK) provdie high quality homogenizer pump with ABB motor, we can make it single or multi stage.

0.5T-13T,0.37KW-5.5KW etc

Product Description:

SSWK high-shear homogenizing pump is a high-performance equipment for continuous production or circulating processing of fine materials. In a narrow cavity, there are 1-3 sets of two-layer stators and rotors with dual engagement. The material passes through the working cavity in an instant and gets equal shear probability treatment, which can narrow the particle size range and improve the uniformity. The online processing eliminates the quality difference between batches, and the quality is constant. The combination of stator and rotor modules is suitable for the needs of different working conditions. It is designed for online metering and mixing, intensive production, and has the function of short-distance, low-lift conveying.

In-line single-stage emulsification pumps are equipment that efficiently, quickly and uniformly enter one phase or multiple phases (liquid, solid, gas) into another immiscible continuous phase (usually liquid). Under normal circumstances, the phases are incompatible with each other. When external energy is input, the two materials recombine into a homogeneous phase. The pipeline single-stage emulsification pump has strong kinetic energy due to the high tangential speed and high-frequency mechanical effect produced by the high-speed rotation of the rotor, which makes the material subject to strong mechanical and hydraulic shear and centrifugal extrusion in the narrow gap between the stator and the rotor. , Liquid layer friction, impact tearing and turbulence, etc., to form suspension (solid/liquid), emulsion (liquid/liquid) and foam (gas/liquid). The horizontal pipeline single-stage emulsification pump makes the immiscible solid, liquid, and gas phases uniformly and finely dispersed and emulsified instantaneously under the combined action of the corresponding ripening process and the appropriate amount of additives. After the high-frequency emulsification pump circulates, finally Obtain stable and high-quality products.


1, Large capacity, suitable for industrial on-line continuous production;

2, Particle size distribution range narrow, high uniformity;

3, Saving energy, time and efficiency;

4, Low noise, smooth operation;

5, Eliminate the production quality discrepancy between batches;

6, No dead ends, material 100% through the dispersing and shearing;

7, With short distance, low head delivery function;

8, Easy to use, easy maintenance;

9, Can achieve automation control;

10, Significantly shorten the process time, to achieve the complete dispersed effect;

11, Complete elimination of fish-eye, clot;

12, Easy to clean online - CIP.

 sanitary pump (4)


Biology and pharmaceuticals/ food industry/ dairy/ beverage/ chemical etc

What should you know before you choose a correct pump?

  1. What material do you want to process?

  2. What's the capacity? It means how many tons per hour.

  3. What is pump used for? Mixing, dispersing, shearing or homogenizing?

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