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How to Select the Right CIP Cleaning Ball

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How to Select the Right CIP Cleaning Ball

Sanitary Stainless Steel CIP Spray Ball Types: How to Select the Right One 

There are a variety of spray ball types available to clean vessels or other applications, but how do you choose the right one? Let's get understanding from flow rates, size and connection types. Here we only explain CIP type, no including COP.

CIP means clean-in-place

1. Drill pattern on surface area coverage requirements, ranging from 90 to 360-degree coverage, 90, 180, 360-degree are common.

2. Ball diameter typically range from 11/4″ to 4″, 32mm, 53mm and 76mm are common diameter.

3. Connection size: 1/2″ to 2″ and determines the maximum flow delivered through a spray ball with acceptable pressure drops. For example, a spray ball with a 0.5″ connection can only deliver a flow rate up to 12 gpm.

4. Connection type: Butt welded, clamped, female threaded, clip, clamp to clamp

5. Pressure (psi). 25 psi is the standard design flow rate if not specified by the user. The maximum pressure for custom spray balls is 70 psi. Spray atomization occurs above this pressure.

6. Finish: tandard finish is 32 μin Ra/150 Grit, customized is available, electric polish is available.

7. Finish Options. Electropolish can be added to any finish.

8. Ball types. spherical, tangential and half spherical.

9. Rotatry type: fixed or rotating.

10. Material: 304, 316 stainless, PTFE

11. We can provide L/min image, pls see below picture for example.

cip ball

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