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Stainless Tri-Clamp Splatter Platter

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Stainless Tri-Clamp Splatter Platter

Tri Clamp Splatter Platter

Splatter platter are a big step up from normal Tri-Clamp bases used on extractors because it provides the user a more effective way of pouring and scraping the extracted material out of the base. These splatter platters are much lighter and easier to deal with during the post-extraction process.Available size is 6"/8"/10"/12", height is 2" or 4" often. Based on our experienced technicians and different processing method, there is no any welded line and black sand hole on the surface, no mildew stay.

We are the factory of stainless steel extractor parts, we do make all stainless steel parts, such as end cap lids, sight glasses, spools, dewaxing columns, bases, braided hoses, clamps, Fully jacketed parts, valves,JIC fittings etc, customized is avaibale.

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Shuangzhan machinery-JOWIN is a upgrade factory which focus on stainless steel products. 

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