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The Difference Between Stainless Filters and Strainers

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The Difference Between Stainless Filters and Strainers

Filters and strainers have something in common. Both are designed to remove particles from liquid or gas. They also both deliver similar benefits by protecting downstream equipment and removing impurities or contaminants that might compromise the quality or integrity of the product, used to improve the efficiency.

The main difference between filters and strainers is in the size of the particulates they are removing. Filters remove particulates smaller than 40 μm. Strainers remove particulates larger. In simpler terms the word “strainer” is typically used if the particulate being removed is visible to the naked eye; whereas, if the particulate is too small to see with the naked eye the term “filter” is used. Mesh will be used for straining and micron will be used for filtering often.

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