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What is Stainless Closed Loop Extractor?

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What is Stainless Closed Loop Extractor?

What is SS Closed  Loop Extraction System?

Shuangzhan machinery offers variety extractors, including open blast extractor, closed column pressurized extractor, closed loop extractor, rack mounted extractor. Jacketed or non-jacketed type, dewaxing column type and all of extractor hardware. 

Good price with great quality, we are professional OEM supplier of several extractor wholesales from Canada and United States. Ship worldwide.

Closed-loop extraction is practiced by professional laboratories employing trained techs, some with degrees in chemistry, that employ industrial grade equipment. Such bigger extraction devices aren’t designed or priced for consumers, custom designs and installations are limitless in terms of scope and expense. Luckily, we have small scale type now, from 30g to 100lbs, consumers can diy them even. These systems much more efficiently use a solvent like butane or propane to extract the maximum possible cannabis resin from a plant or flower.

This means that such processes and machines use less solvent, none escapes into the atmosphere, and a significantly greater percentage is removed from the final concentrate product. It should be noted that less expensive, more “prosumer” extraction machines are available,  a vacuum pump, recycle pump and commercial-grade oven that are required.

When you choose closed loop extractor, you must consider the pressure rate of solvent, butane is the most safety at present, if you will use propane, the stainless steel parts must be thick wall, at least 10mm, and use tough clamp, tri clamp port smaller than 6" often.

How Does it Work?

Closed-loop extraction processes vary somewhat and involve an increasing number of proprietary systems that are entering the market, often with purposefully secret internal mechanisms designed to protect the company’s competitive advantage. A common design employs some type of blasting chamber, where highly pressurized solvent (again, typically butane), safely and fully contained within the thick walls of the machine, is literally shot at or pressure sprayed on cannabis flowers and leaf trim material to extract the resins from the trichomes.

Following the extraction of the trichomes via pressurized butane or solvent blasting, the resulting layer of sticky brown or dark yellow cannabis resin is placed into a vacuum oven to undergo a process called purging. This involves the chamber being depressurized, which creates a vacuum. This vacuum causes residual bubbles of butane or solvent in the mid-stage, unfinished concentrate to literally be pulled out as they expand and burst, at which time their toxic gases are quickly removed from the chamber by the vacuum and captured for reuse. Purging removes not only residual solvents from the substance, but also most impurities. This is why the highest quality concentrates are often light yellow or nearly transparent in appearance — and why such top shelf BHO concentrates have gained monikers such as “glass” or “clear.”

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