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What is Stainless Weldless Tri Clamp Bulkhead

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What is Stainless Weldless Tri Clamp Bulkhead

What is weldless bulkhead?

A weldless bulkhead is used to provide a liquid-tight port into your brewing vessels. It is an alternative to having a coupling or spud welded or soldered in.  CNC machined solid hex nut. Single-piece design prevents the leakage and cleaning hassles from weldless fittings put together from plumbing parts and washers.

There are male to female type, male to male type, male to tri clamp available, 1/2"x1/2" is popular for male to female and male to male type. We make 1.5" tri clamp type, the user can attach a clamp ball valve or butterfly valve easily.

One bulkhead including one hexagon nut, one adapter, two pcs silicon gasket. 

Weldless Bulkhead Specs:

  • SS 304 stainless steel

  • made by CNC machine

  • 35mm ID, 50.5mm (1.5")clamp flange, 35mm overall length, custom length is available

  • food grade silicon O-ring

  • 41mm or 1-5/8" threaded end diameter.

  • the most unique feature is the silicone grooves. Grooves are machined in the face of the fitting, eliminating the leakage associated with weldless fittings that attempt to seal near the threads. 

  • plastic cap protect clamp end.

Weldless Bulkhead Application:

  • Home brewing kettle, tank

  • Moonshine still pot, tank

  • Water tank etc

Weldless Bulkhead Installation Notes:

Hole Size Required - 1-5/8" or 41mm. Note that the most pleasant tool to use for this is a knockout punch set. Since they are extremely cost prohibitive, the next best option is our tungsten carbide hose saw (40mm). After deburring the 40mm hole, the result is a clean 41mm hole. See the accessories column on the right for the bit.

The oring contact is on the flange side of the fitting so make sure there are no burrs on that side of the hole.

The lock nut hex measures 50.5mm. Turning it with an adjustable wrench does NOT work well. You'll need a socket or a box wrench. Since these tools are very rare, we offer a socket as an accessory. It requires a 1/2" drive ratchet.

The front of the flange does not have flats for a wrench. The easiest way to hold the front of the flange for tightening is to clamp any other TC part on with the gasket and clamp (a blank cap works great). Once tight, you can insert a long rod or screw driver into the hole of the wingnut.

stainless steel locknut (2)stainless steel locknut (3)

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