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What is rotating stainless racking arm tubing

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What is rotating stainless racking arm tubing

Sanitary stainless steel tri clamp rotating racking arm for fermeter

There are many types of racking arm tubing, we can divide them from angle, connect and application.

1. Angle --45 degree, 90 degree, 180 degree.

2. Connection: welded, threaded, tri clamp, union.

3. Application: commercial equipment and kettle, we often use tri clamp rotating racking arm for the vessel that bigger than 150L.

4. Tubing diameter: 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1.5", customzied is available.

Tri clamp rotating racking arm is an essential part of any fermentation process for conical-bottom fermenters or bright tanks, our rotating racking arm is adopted new design with a inner tubing rotates separately from the out tri-clamp ends, ensuring no any leaks, PTFE sealing makes sure it suit high temperature, pressure rating and acid/alkali resistance. The arm is installed in the cone of the vessel and rotated downward to pull out clear liquid. Brewer often use rack arm with a ball valve or a trigger handle butterfly valve.

Shuangzhan machinery makes quality rotating racking arm.

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