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what is flow control valve?

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what is flow control valve?

Flow Control Valves

Find the valve you need to accompany your plumbing system. These fixtures are essential in the control of water flow, pressure and temperature. Some plumbing valves can even reduce water bill costs. Find flow control valves to regulate fluid, pressure and flow rate. Choose from washing machine, butterfly, diaphragm, saddle, purge and fill and needle valves. These fixtures a cost effective method to address many flow control concerns and can also be used to control the rate of compressed air, oil or virtually any other fluid.

  1. material: stainless steel, pvc, brass, carbon steel etc.

  2. seals: ptfe, nbr, silicon, viton, fpm, epdm etc.

  3. size: 1/8"-12", or dn15-dn300

  4. operation: manually, electric, pneumatic

Shuangzhan machinery provides stainless steel ball valves, butterfly valves, safety valves, divert seat valves, sample valves, plug valves in food, beverage, dairy, checmical and pharmacy mainly.

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