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Buy Sanitary Spunding Valve

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Buy Sanitary Spunding Valve

Tri Clamp Spunding Valve

NEW TEK spunding valve, also kown as bunging valve, air pressure relief valve, 100% pressure tested before dispatch, made of food grade stainless steel material with high sanitary grade finish. As a home brewing fan, our valve technician pays 100% kind attention on every parts which used in this valve, to ensure every brewerier get good product.

What is spunding valve?

A spunding valve is an adjustable pressure relief valve with a pressure gauge to show tank inside pressure, newtek has the type without gauge, because some breweriers already have gauge on the vessel . Remember putting some water in the glass cover before using.

NEW TEK INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD spunding valve max pressure is 2.2bar, often set pressure at 15-17 psi.

When the spunding valve is used to set a release point for pressure in the fermentasaurus, this is very useful as you can set it to approx 12 -17psi, depending on fermentation temperature, and once finished, the beer will already be carbonated (you will need to either chill the fermenter to allow the liquid to hold carbonation while you bottle or use the method outlined above to tranfer under pressure to stop it losing the carbonation while warm though.


  1. SS304 stainless steel body, spring.

  2. Clear and strong plastic cover, you can even step on it.

  3. 1",1.5", DN25, DN32, DN40 tri clamp or male threaded connection end.

  4. Made by LG Mazak CNC machine.

  5. Black, red, blue, stainless steel handle ball.

  6. 90 degree elbow type.

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