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How to protect the sanitary pneumatic butterfly valve?

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How to protect the sanitary pneumatic butterfly valve?

How to protect the pneumatic butterfly valve? 

The pneumatic butterfly valve is used for the control of solid materials, which is often used as the discharge valve at the bottom of the tank, such as the bottom of the tank, such as cement tanks and stone powder tanks, for discharging and quick interception. Since most of the dust materials contain large or small particles, the wear of the valve sealing surface is unquestionable. If the selection is not appropriate, the service life of the valve will be greatly reduced, or the valve leakage will be formed quickly, which will continue to be used.

Protection of equipment for pneumatic butterfly valves:

1. When equipment pneumatic butterfly valve, attention should be paid to the flow direction mark on the valve body to avoid the wrong direction of flow and affect the application.

2. Before using the pneumatic butterfly valve, it should be acknowledged that the valve should be washed out under the premise of fully opening the valve to avoid scratching the sealing surface by welding debris and other debris.

3. Pneumatic butterfly valves are generally provided with bypass lines. When repairing or replacing pneumatic butterfly valves, the bypass pipeline application process can be used as usual.

4. The pneumatic butterfly valve can be placed in the vertical horizontal position within 180°. Do not flip the pneumatic actuator downward.

5. See the instruction manual for the positioning of the positioner or solenoid valve.

6. The pneumatic actuator arm is a square head structure, which is used for manual equipment. When the fault occurs, the air source tube is removed and the manual operation can be completed directly with a manual wrench.

7. If the stuffing box leaks during the application process, tighten the gland bolt to handle it.

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