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100LB Stainless Solvent Recovery Tank w/ Coil

the solvent tank can be jacketed and non-jacketed

 Stainless Steel LP Tank With Internal Condensing Coil And Dip Tube

Jacketed Stainless Steel LP tanks offer a superior way to decrease contamination of solvent and feature a tri-clamp lid with a high-pressure clamp. This allows easy access to the inside of the tank, making clean out simple, unlike a normal carbon steel LP tanks. These tanks feature an exterior jacket to allow the user to circulate fluid around the outside of the tank while having an internal condensing coil on the inside of the tank to help condense hot vapors. Lids come configured with 3 valves, compound gauge and hose barbs for the internal condensing coils to help condense hot solvent vapor when the recovery stage of the extraction process is started.  These tanks come with 1/4" FNPT valves and 1/4" 37 Degree JIC Flares with one port being connected to a dip tube.

Note: No including solvent.

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