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Sanitary BUNA-N Tri-Clamp Gaskets

tri clamp gasket, buna-n material
size from 1/2"-12"

BUNA-N Tri-Clamp Gaskets

Buna-N Tri-Clamp gaskets are the preferred choice of material when using a closed loop, closed column, or open blast extraction when butane or propane are used as the extraction solvent. Buna-N Gaskets offer a lower temperature rating and have better physical properties than Viton gaskets and the best part is that they are also cheaper than Viton and provide the same chemical resistance to butane and propane. 

Note: Buna-N is not recommended for use with certain alcohols.


  • Lower Temperature Range

  • Lower Costs

  • Better Compressibility and Springiness

  • Excellent Resistance to Butane and Propane

  • Better Tear Resistance

  • Better Abrasion Resistance

Sizes Available:

  • 1.5"

  • 2"

  • 3"

  • 4"

  • 6"

  • 8" - Easy On Flanged

  • 10" - Easy On Flanged

  • 12" - Easy On Flanged


MaterialBUNA-N (Nitrile)
Connection TypeTri-Clamp
Thermal Properties:
   -Low Temperature Range-70°F
   -Minimum for Continous Use (Static)-40°F
   -Brittle Point-70°F
   -High Temperature Range+210°F to +250°F
   -Maximum for Continous Use (Static)+250°F
Gas PermeabilityExcellent
Durometer or Hardness Range65 Shore A
Tensile Strength Range200-3500PSI
Elongation Range (%)350-650%
Abrasion ResistanceExcellent
Tear ResistanceExcellent
Resilience / ReboundGood

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