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Hygienic Valves

The hygienic valve needs to be free of bacteria in the valve. Hygienic valves are designed to be easy to clean. Hygienic valve parts are moved in and out of the process and exposed to the environment. For example, the riser of the valve may be in contact with the process and may be in contact with the external environment of the process. The hygienic valve opens and closes, the stem comes out of the valve body and returns to the valve body. If sanitary liquids are used, pay close attention to the valves in the system. You sometimes think that a clean valve is not the best choice for cleanliness. Sanitary applications are usually best for sanitary valves with high internal gloss and no internal cavity. Since most sanitary applications are viscous liquids or solids, it is important to ensure the smoothest possible flow. Welding or clamping/sealing connections shall be evenly arranged at valve connections. Sanitary valves are common in the production of food, beverages and dairy products. Cleaning capacity (CIP or COP) can be found in very important processes. Valve design is essential for sanitary applications! If you are not sure which valve is best for your process, contact a technician. Help determine which valves meet production and cleanliness goals.

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