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Hygienic High Purity Platinum Cured Silicone Hose Assembly

food grade hose silcione

Food grade pvc hose for food and beverage-rigid inside wire

Material: Silicone+SS316 coupling

Coupling option: triclamp, DIN11851 male or female, SMS union, RJT, IDF, Camlock fitting, flange




Silicone rubber pressure-resistant heat-resistant hose for pressure transmission, which can fully utilize the heat resistance, low dissolution, insulation and odorless properties of silicon materials up to 150 ° C. It can be used in food/beverage industry, semiconductor industry and industry. Equipment hose piping for furnace industry, etc. There are a variety of special connectors for higher productivity. It can be used as a hose for piping (filler, cooling device, heat-resistant pipe, etc.) for factory equipment machinery.


High heat resistance: high temperature fluid with heat resistance up to 150 °C, can be used for internal cleaning and floor cleaning of food hoses (conditions)

Suitable for low temperature delivery: it maintains good flexibility at very low temperatures and can be used as a filling hose for filling and transportation.

Reduce joint disassembly cleaning operation: There are various special joints to reduce the decomposition and cleaning of food hose piping, and it is a piping hose suitable for filling operations.

Special reinforcement structure, anti-fracture: unique reinforcement structure, eliminate the wire breakage at the edge of the joint, improve reliability.

Convenient to confirm the fluid, and the hose is very safe to use.

Lightweight, easy to work, about 30% lighter than ordinary rubber tube, improve work efficiency

Joint structure in which liquid does not easily accumulate. This hose does not contain phthalic acid plasticizer.


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