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Stainless Steel Convoluted PTFE Braided Hose with Clamp Ends

Teflon core

stainless steel smooth bore ptfe braided hose 

The fundamental issue with smooth bore PTFE hose is that as its inner diameter increases, the flexibility reduces. Apart from 1/4" Smooth bore PTFE hose,for particular smaller lengths the flexibility for larger sizes is relatively much less. So for larger diameters,the plain PTFE hose behaves as a rigid pipe or provides minimum flexibility. In order to increase the  flexibility, Convoluted PTFE hoses are preferred. 

  • Temperature Range: -65° to 450° F

  • Material: PTFE with 304 Stainless Steel Braid, SS316 is available

  • Both fittings flared or BSPP/BSPT/NPT/JIC etc

This hose is PTFE with a stainless steel braid for more chemical resistance and better strength than other chemical hose. Stainless steel fittings have very good corrosion resistance.

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is an engineered fluoropolymer, and has numerous applications. It is a thermoplastic polymer and has exceptional resistance to a wide variety of chemicals. PTFE Hose has increased resistance to vibration and flexing, and is a considerable saving in replacement cost, when used to replace other material hoses. 


It has excellent shelf life, practically unlimited. Used more commonly for sanitary applications. Unlike other non metal hose, PTFE Hose will not impart taste.It has excellent chemical resistance, non contamination properties and resists deterioration. Provides good flexing for longer lengths of the hose, and is used for applications which require medium pressure. Silicon sleeve or Rubber hose covering can be used externally for protection against external harsh environments. 


Hose Inner Diameter : 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1.5", 2", 3"

Hose Length : Available as per your specification.

Design : Plain tube, without any corrugations, with outer Stainless Steel Braiding for Pressure resistance

Bend Radius, Flexing : View Bend radius, flexing data

Hose Material : PTFE ( Polytetrafluoroethylene ) Hose


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