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Stainless Steel Tank Top Plate System GAZ-4D


Shuangzhan machinery supplies sereval stainless steel tank top assembly, with different sanitary valves and fittings, such as  anti vacuum / pressure relief safety valves, CIP supply with cleaning head, pressure control etc., in a single assembly. The one in the photo is with CIP and air vent.


For cylindro-conical tanks the special compact design and central location of the tank top system provides an efficient and economic way of mounting anti vacuum / pressure relief safety valves, CIP supply with cleaning head, pressure control etc., in a single assembly.

The topplate assembly is designed and sized individually to suit tank application, process specification, and special requirements. It is based on tank size, max. working pressure, and cleaning procedure. 

A typical topplate assembly will include but not only just a combination of the following components: (upon your requirement to assembly hardware)

  • Anti vacuum valve: the valve protects the tank from implosion during CIP or emptying. Sizing will depend on tank design data, cleaning procedure, and process requirements.

  • Pressure relief valve: this valve protects the tank from overpressure and overfilling. Sizing of the valve will depend on

  • tank design data and process requirements.

  • Pressure control: regulation of the tank top pressure can be carried out in the traditional way by means of a bunging device connected to the CIP/gas pipe. Another possibility to be recommended is a remote controlled Pressure Exhaust valve or a constant pressure system mounted directly on the topplate assembly.

  • CIP supply & cleaning head: the CIP pipe is mounted on the top flange by means of a union coupling or mounting flange to enable easy demounting of spray ball or cleaning machine for inspection and maintenance.

  • Between the CIP pipe and the top plate is situated a combined gas escape/supply valve. The valve is normally open for gas flow out of the tank during filling and fermentation, and open for gas inlet during pressurising or emptying. During CIP the liquid will close the valve but
    a special drilling of the valve body ensures cleaning of its seat and the pipe connection because a small amount flows through. The main CIP flow will run directly to the cleaning machine/spray ball.

Mounting: the topplate assembly is mounted with a joint on to a counter flange directly welded into the top of the tank.

Cleaning: all components are fully cleanable in place.

. Simple and safe operation
. All parts can be cleaned in place
. Centralized placing of tank equipment secures easy

. Better and lower tank insulation costs
. Flexible design
. Low installation costs


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