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Hygienic Stainless Steel 316L Pneumatic Double Seat Mixproof Valve C-top


Sanitary Seat Divert Valve

The divert valve is a hygienic pneumatically operated valve used for flow diversion in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing industry.

• Made in SS316L / wetted surfaces
• Few moving parts, contributing to high reliability and low maintenance.
• Easy cleaning
• Seat gasket replacement in less than 7 minutes without removing the valve from the line and no tools required.
• Repairable actuator

Materials: AISI316L, AISI 304 is available
Size: 1''-4''

Seal: PTFE

Options: Silicone, EPDM, Viton

Elastomers: EPDM

Options: Viton, Silicone

Standard Design

  •          forged spherical body

  •          Compact design

  •          360 degree orientation

  •          Mix-proof design, the bodies can be with different diameters.

  •          Over-pressure protection design preventing the pressure fluctuate to 30bar

  •          Easy disassembly

  •          Seat lift type and cavity spray type available

Normally Closed (NC) - Air to open and spring to close;
Normally Open (NO) - Air to close and spring to open;
Air to Air (AA) - Air to open air to close.


Combination Style:



sanitary pneumatic seat valve,designed for safety and leak detection when two different products
flow through only one valve.The valve is often used as a part in CIP return lines or other systerms not experiancing
pressure spikes offering leakage detection for greater safety.

Working Principle:
SMP-BC is remote-controlled by means of compressed air.The valve is a normally closed (NC) valve.
The valve is fitted with two small pneumatic normally(NO) valves,a detecting valve and a CIP - valve.
The valve plug(the upper plug in a change-over valve) has two seals,forming a leakage chamber under atmospheric
pressure between them.Leaking products flows into the leakage chamber and is discharged through the detecting
valve.SMP-BC can be cleaned by CIP by supplying compressed air to the actuator(see fig 1).During cleaning of
the valve,flow pattern against the closing direction of the valve plug makes SMP-BC insensitive to water hammer.

Technical Data:

Max.Product Pressure(depanding on valve specification) 1000kPa(10 bar)
Max.product Pressure(depanding on valve specification) 145 PSI (10 bar)
Min Product Pressure Full Vacuum
Temperature Range 10 ºC~140 ºC(EPDM)
Temperature Range 14ºF~284ºF(EPDM)
Air Pressure 500-800 kPa(5-8 bar)
Air Pressure 72.5-116 PSI(5-8bar)

Plysical Data:

Product Wetted Steel Parts 1.4401(316L)
External Surface Finish Semi-bright(blasted)
Internal Surface Finish Bright(polished),Ra<1.6um
Internal Surface Finish Bright(polished),Ra<64uinch
Other Steel Parts 1.4301(304)
Product Wetted Seals EPDM
Other Seals NBR

Valve Body Combination
Stainless Steel Sanitary Hygienic Double Seat Mixproof Valve with Seat Lift


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