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Easy-maintenance Air Actuated 3-pc Stainless Ball Valve Double Acting


3-PC type Air-Driven On/Off Valves-we provide solenoid valve, air filter and limit switch as well.

The three-piece bolted body comes apart for access to internal components without unthreading pipe connections and removing the valve from your line. Their ball-valve design allows these valves to achieve higher flow rates than other air-driven valves. They operate on compressed air to automatically start and stop flow. You must control the air to the actuator using either the included electric pilot valve or a manual on/off valve (not included). These valves require a minimum pressure drop between the inlet and the outlet for operation; the upstream pressure must be greater than the downstream pressure. Body is 316 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance. All valves have a visual flow indicator on the top of the actuator that shows whether the valve is open or closed.

Single-acting(spring return) actuators only require air pressure to open the valve; they automatically spring closed when the air turns off. These valves are normally closed unless actuated.

Double-acting actuators require air pressure to open and close the valve. Once actuated, these valves remain actuated until air pressure is applied to close them, so they do not have a valve starting position.


Pressure: PN16
Size: DN15 to DN300
Ball Material: Stainless steel 304 or 316
Seal Material Available:EPDM/PTFE/NBR/VITON
Actuator Housing Material: Aluminum
Actuator Type: Spring return and double acting
Upgrade: Solenoid valve, air filter, limit switch

actuated ball valve (23)


End connection: BSPT/BSPP/NPT

Valve body can be three-way: T type or L type ball core for choose from

Actuators to reach automatic operation: pneumatic stainless steel actuator (vertical type), pneumatic aluminum actuator (horizontal type), and electric actuator.

  • NC operated: normally closed (fail closed)---air to open, spring to close

  • NO operated: normally open (fail open)---air to close, spring to open

  • AA operated: double acting---air to open, air to close

Valve intelligent control: position sensor, air filter, solenoid valve and C-top controller

3pcsballvalve (7)

3pcsballvalve (6)


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